Toronto’s Lithuanian Franciscan Parish of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ has served the Lithuanian community for over 60 years providing the sacraments, giving various Lithuanian Organizations and Clubs a home, and nurturing and developing national and religious activities.

Clergy serving the Parish:
Br. Fr. Jonas Šileika, OFM;
Br. Fr. Kazimieras - Aurelijus Kasparavičius, OFM;
Fr. Augustinas Simanavičius, OFM;
Msgr. Edmundas Putrimas;
Rev. Kazimieras Kaknevičius;
Deacon Dr. Kasimir Ambrozaitis, OFM;

All are welcome and accepted here. Please, join us...

Parish Pastor

Fr. Jonas-Jurgis Šileika

Fr. Jonas-Jurgis Šileika, OFM;